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About BMA Group

   Latif Bawany was Born in 1953 in Burma. His family has been involved in business and industries since 1920 based in Kathiwar, India.

   In 1970, he was appointed as a director in a family business which was manufacturing 100% cotton yarn and added value products and operating under the title of Madina Textile Mills Ltd. The main market of export was the Far East.    

   An additional family joint venture was established for manufacturing cotton yarn to cater to the canvas manufacturing industry in East Pakistan (Bangladesh).

   Latif decided to pursue his higher education and went to U.S.A. While in US during schooling days had the opportunity to join an Insurance company "Mutual of Omaha and United of Omaha" as an Insurance agent. This is where he realized that he has the natural ability to do Marketing.

Latif Bawany

Founder of Bawany Marketer's
Owner at BMA (formerly Global VoIP
Co-Founder at Voice &
Non Voice

   Later when Latif returned to base he established various ventures as an entrepreneur. He Introduced new varieties of seeds and technologies in the agriculture sector. Developed vast experience in textile, sugar, including greenhouse technology, and securities and stock broker.

   The marketing skill did not fade away but was polished. Over the last 10 years he has been working smart to establish himself in the outsourcing industry. During the voyage of life in a contact center he had the experiences of working on process such as:

Sales – B2B and B2C,
Appointment Setting– B2B and B2C
Support – B2B and B2C, Timeshare – B2C,
Telecom – B2B and B2C, Survey – B2B and B2C
Data Conversion
Data Entry Online
So on and so forth….

BMA Group was formed in 2005 and was registered in 2008.

   On this journey Latif formed a company as a Co-Founder with Mr. John Boyd from California, U.S.A. & These two companies are dealing in as the name suggests Voice and Non Voice processes. These companies are unique as International brokers in consulting and service industries. They are a bridge between the publishers, buyers, providers, and clients from West to East in call, contact, and support industries.

   VP & NVP is involved in recruiting call / contact centers across the globe; evaluating them, and then forwarding to the clients and working hand in hand with partners. To put in layman’s term “We take care of your headache and save you money also. We are your liaison office.” In order to survive in Business the bottom line is: “CUT COST without compromising on Quality”. In conclusion “want to survive in this competitive Economic world then join, if you wish to file chapter 11 ignore us”.

In 2011 BMA VoIP was added to bring call centers a "One Window Solution" for campaigns, VoIP, DID, dialer, and more. This led to greater worldwide diversity, stability, and impact.

Non Voice

   As you can see in the photos below Latif came from a powerful and successful business family:

Home Office of Bawany Group Of  Industries,
Rangoon, Burma

Begum Aisha Bawany Academy
Karahi, Pakistan

Baitul Mukarram Mosque Designed and Built by the Bawany Group Of Industries
Dacca, Bangladesh

Baitul Mukarram Mosque on the currancy of Dacca, Bangladesh.
An Honor for the Bawany Group Of Industries.


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